How the use of 3 simple Growth Hacking Tools, can help you get more clients. Try it today, no technical skills required!

Publish on September 26, 2019

There are many tools out there that can help you build your business and actually do all the hard work for you. How cool would it be to wake up one morning and get different requests, to more information on your product or you wake up and you have earned thousands of euro’s, just because you have your systems in place.

I would like to share some amazing tools, that helped me and my clients get new customers the easy way, day in and out.
And the good part is, there are no technical skills required 🙂

Experimenting is the key!

Let me just share a list of easy tools with you that you can implement today, experiment with and see how it will take you a step closer in reaching your business objectives.

Did you know that there are tools, that can actually tell you exactly which companies have visited your website? And even cooler, which pages on the website they visited.
Snitcher is one of those tools that can give you this information.
It’s shocking to know that at least 97% of the visitors on your website just don’t contact you, and it is not because they do not want to or are not interested?

So why not help them a little. Find out who visited your website, and start contacting them.



How I use this tool completely to my advantage?

Immediately after I checked my visitors stats. I will open op LinkedIn and find the decision maker of that company, pick up the phone and get connected. And the best thing is that you already know what they are interested in, so an easy sell.

Are you not that big on calling? Then sent a short compelling connection message. After the decision maker excepts your request  you can share your story. But remember don’t be too salesy.


What I also think is an amazing tool that will help you gain more leads and clients is  Optinmonster. It is actually quite an amazing tool that you can use. These days we really need to focus on how to get and keep the attention of the visitors. This tools can help us just do that. Did you know that over 70% of visitors who abandon a website never return, and that most websites capture less than 1 email for every 200 visitors? Websites should be more effective, because when you spend all this time and effort on creating an ad, that quite frankly worked, you don’t want it to go to waste because you have not been using a call to action that converts?



Via Optinmonster, you can create beautiful designed forms, that are proven to convert. Which means you will increase the amount of email you receive, because people would absolutely want to leave their email.

The best feature? the feature that I love, is the exit intent pop up. When people tend to leave your website, a pop-up will appear, with an offer your visitors just can’t refuse.
And it is super easy to implement, check out the video 

Goal? Is build your mailling list, so you can start building a relationship with the visitors.
With one goal in mind, convincing them why your service is just amazing.

Curious to learn which customer would be likely to buy your product? is a lead gathering tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyse customer data. This growth hacking tool reveals which customers or companies are likely to buy from you. Which means, your salesteam is going to be far more productive. Because now they only have to contact the people that are more likely to buy. 


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