Living my life from good to great

Publish on January 17, 2020

This morning I was watching a short youtube video, that discussed the book from good to great of Jim collins. Het talks about why some companies succeed in becoming successful and others never get there. He said something that  got my attention. 

Becoming great is just a matter of conscious choices and discipline.  I think this is also applicable to your life. 4 years ago I decided to live a life with no borders, a life where I decided where I spend my time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I was not thinking of building a business but decided to have projects that made it possible for me to travel, so it will fit my lifestyle.

A lot of opportunities came in this period, I had to learn how to say no. Which was hard. But to be able to reach my bigger picture, a life with no borders, I had to make a conscious decision and stayed disciplined. 

Can I tell you how amazing that lifestyle was?

I can still taste it. Months of traveling, exploring countries I have never been, meet amazing people, with even better life stories. Traveling for me is all about freedom, learning about cultures, exploring, building friendships and making memories.

Travelling is a part of me.

Last year, I shared with everybody that my life will consist of less traveling and more business building. I want to build a company, start speaking, become a trainer so I can teach.

I reached a lot of these goals. In February I have my first official speaking gig, I became a trainer at different organizations. Now the only thing on my list is building a business. Setting up partnerships, to actually help companies that dare to dream big and want to reach growth, but are not efficient nor effective in their process. 

Now I have a team of people I can build it with, I now need to make a conscious choice to set up the business in the Netherlands, which would mean. No traveling and no taste or bite of that life I call freedom.



Traveling is part of me, the part that makes me happy and smile. The part that boosts my creativity and makes me grow faster. The part that gives me the energy, to build a business, stay inspired and becoming great.

Make conscious decisions and stay disciplined. Even when you can do something you absolutely love a little less.